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He’s an outlaw biker with an oath to keep. She’s his best friend's little sister, but she’s all grown up. Their forbidden love will break all the rules.

Gunn – Like every member of the Great Wolves M.C., I paid for the privilege to wear this patch in blood. My best friend Scotty paid for it with his life. With his dying breath, he made me swear to watch out for his mom and little sister, Brenna. That was seven years ago and I’ve kept my distance but done my best. Until Brenna walked into my clubhouse and turned my world upside down. She’s all grown up with curves that don’t quit. I know I can’t have her. I know I shouldn’t even look, let alone touch. I warned her to stay away from me. But, she’s as stubborn as she is tempting and I want to make her mine no matter how many rules I have to break.

Brenna – I was raised to believe it was the Great Wolves M.C. who took my brother from us. He was my hero. My protector. Now he’s gone. I don’t know what made me walk into that biker bar all these years later. One look from his best friend Gunn and time stopped. He’s just as rough and rugged as I remember. He was the star of my teenage dreams and schoolgirl crush and he barely knew I existed. I have the heart of a woman now, but it still burns for Gunn. I just don’t know if I can risk losing everything to the club all over again.

Gunn is a smoldering standalone motorcycle club romance novel featuring the heartthrob outlaw bikers of the Great Wolves M.C. and the strong women who love them.

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