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An Outlaw. An Assassin. A passion hot enough to consume them both.   

sly high res

Sly – Outlaws. That’s all the Great Wolves M.C. were ever supposed to be. But now, we’re headed for a brighter future and it only cost me my soul. A small price to pay until I met Scarlett. I know she’s hiding something from me and before I’m through, I mean to make her bare everything to me…her body, her heart and her secrets. Because she doesn’t realize she’s met her match.

Scarlett – I want Sly Cullinan in every way that’s wrong for me. Getting close to him was just supposed to be part of the job. I know he’s a killer. Because you see, I’m a killer too. I could say I’ve lost my soul in him but I lost that long ago. I should walk away except this time I may already be too far gone.

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