Colt – Great Wolves Motorcycle Club


A full length, standalone novel featuring Colt and Jase Reddick

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Why do bad boys always feel oh sooo good?

Amy – I know his type. The leather cut, the swirling ink over hard muscles, the swagger in his step and smolder in his eyes that sends heat zinging through my core. I want to believe Colt’s not like the others. But I’m nobody’s fool and I won’t be anyone’s victim again. Even though Colt’s lips taste like heaven, loving him can only bring me back down to hell.

Colt– Mayhem follows me wherever I go, so I shoulda kept on going. But then I saw Amy. She’s too good, too pure for me and I damn well know it. But those lips, those curves, that little gasp she makes when I run my hands along her hips. When she looks at me, I know it brings back pain she wants to forget. But not everyone who wears this cut is the same. I won’t let her get away without a fight and I'll kill any man who tries to hurt her again, no matter what patch he wears.


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