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Violence is my calling. It makes my blood sing and pours through my fingertips. As club enforcer to the biggest, baddest, MC in Texas, I live by one creed. Protect the club at all costs. When my crew needs me to neutralize a material witness that could hurt one of our allies, I know what I have to do. Until I laid eyes on her.

I know I’ve got to take Maya down to keep my club safe. I just never counted on letting her get under my skin. I have to have her. And I’m a man used to taking what I want.

I’ve spent my whole life trying to make all the right choices. Straight As. The good daughter. The one who takes care of everyone else. But, one fateful night in a darkened alley and it all came crashing down. It might have been enough to break me, until I ran headlong into Axle Hart. This big, bad biker is the kind of guy everyone’s always warned me about. He oozes danger and sex appeal and every instinct tells me he’s trouble. But, one tantalizing touch of his lips against mine sent me into a tailspin. Axle might be the rightest wrong decision I’ve ever made.



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The club is in my blood. They were the family that saved me when evil destroyed my world. I live by the club rules and I've vowed to be sure everyone who wears The Dark Saints patch earns it. Dark Saints may be outlaws but we have a code. Break it and you're out, if you're lucky, you're dead if you're not. I'd rather die than go against one word of the Dark Saints Code. But that was before I saw Jen. That was before I touched her lips. Now I know. I know that no code is strong enough to keep me from her. We're sworn enemies. We've both vowed to hate each other. But the temptation of her body could ruin my soul and bring down The Dark Saints.

Something's going to break, either the Dark Saints code or my heart, a black heart that she holds in her hands.

I hated him. I hated his club. My path was set the moment that bullet killed my daddy. I knew what I was going to do and just how to do it. But the funny thing about my plans? They didn't take into account how I felt when I really saw Benz. I knew in my head he was everything wrong for me. I knew where he came from and what that meant. His past and mine are entwined in violence and tragedy. But it didn't matter. The way my soul reaches out to his, the way my body comes alive when he looks at me, and the way he loves every part of me, has turned my carefully planned life upside down. The path I was determined to walk has forked. I either go with him for something wild that fills my senses or I finish him and his club forever. Just like I had always planned.