It’s a Very. Big. Day.

big_news1I'm releasing TWO books on one day. Let me get you up to speed!

First up the next installment in Nina Sharpe's exciting, sexy, powerful tale! This time you will not believe what happens to our girl Nina. This journey with Nina has been amazing and she's not done yet but things are changing and fast. Call Girl, Inc. has seen Nina go from noob with nice boobs to a power player in the nation's Capital. This installment even has a “ripped from the headlines” twist! Nina has been so fun to write. She's powerful, witty, and I think you'll love The Prince.

I'm also releasing The Marilyn Job. Episode 3 into the wild! This newest episode finds Lincoln still protecting Marilyn but from a client she seems to like a little too much. Plus the walls are closing in on my favorite over protective alpha male as he tries to resist his powerful attraction to Marilyn. The Marilyn Job takes place in the same world as Call Girl, Inc. and I've had a few readers ask where it “fits in” with Nina. It takes place BEFORE but  you will run into Petra and Dodger. I hope you get caught up with The Marilyn Job Episode's 1-3 because Episode 4 is coming in November and the story has been building to this moment I can't wait to share.

Visit my Call Girl, Inc. page for the links to all the books.

Visit my The Marilyn Job page for the links to all the books.

Thank you all so much. Each new reader fires me up for each new story!