Dark Seduction

dark seduction high res


An outlaw biker and a movie star. Her world is glamor and glitz. His is rough and dirty. Together, they’re combustible. 


I like my bikes fast and my women even faster. As a member of the Dark Saints M.C., I get plenty of both. That’s all I’ve ever needed…until she walked in. Platinum hair, long legs, killer body and lips aching to be kissed. She was like some goddess from a movie screen. And then I found out that’s exactly what Quinn was. Other men like to fantasize about her and yeah, that makes me want to smash stuff. Quinn plays like she’s strong, and she is, but she’s vulnerable too. There are vultures all around her and I just want to keep her safe and make her mine. Our worlds don’t mix. I just can’t get enough of her. But, my club’s headed for trouble. If we keep going down this road Quinn and I might destroy each other.


I’ve been famous since I was twelve years old. America’s sweetheart, then I grew up and they remade me as a sex symbol. That kind of fame can warp you, make it hard to know what’s real. Then, I met Domino. He was rough, tattooed, and fierce. I should have been afraid. But, those eyes, that swagger, the way he kissed me. He brings out my wild side and makes me feel free for the first time. I know loving Domino comes with a price. He’s a package deal with the Dark Saints M.C. and that kind of life won’t gel with mine. Except I never really felt alive until I met him. One of us needs to find the strength to walk away before it’s too late.

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