Dark Desire

dark desire high res



When his world was stripped away, the club and his brothers were his only salvation.


I’ve sworn my life and soul to the club. They took me in when violence and darkness ripped everything I loved away from me. I’ve spent so much of my life chasing vengeance, I never expected to step into the light. Then, one amazing woman…Ariel…shattered the walls I built around my heart. Her soul shines so bright I can almost start to believe in goodness again. It’s only a matter of time before the darkness rolls back in. This time, I’d rather die than let it drag Ariel down too. The price of loving me might be more than I’m willing to let her pay.

She’s been warned about men like Chase and all the chaos they bring.


Fixer uppers are my specialty. I can find the beauty in broken things and make them shine. I’m going to save the seedy North side of Port Azrael, Texas one house at a time. People may think the Dark Saints MC run this town but the mayhem that follows them is the last thing my neighborhood needs. But, all my preconceptions flew right out the window the day I met Chase Cutter. Underneath that rough exterior, hard muscles, and ink, I can see the beauty inside this broken man too. Everyone tells me he’s no good for me, but I just can’t walk away.

Two souls. One light. One dark. Will their love be strong enough to save them both?


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