Dark Destiny

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He can't escape his destiny or the woman he left behind. Bo's back in town. And the temperature just went up.

It was a summer fling. It was a hot new love. It was a moment in a lifetime. But Bo Parker's about to find out his searing hot summer with Lyric Wilde will change his world forever.

The moment I saw her I had to have her. I burned to touch every inch of her skin and to press her soft curves up against my tough leather. She was young. Hell, we both were. It was a summer of unquenchable lust for both of us. It was wild with Lyric Wilde but it had to end. I was raised and saved by The Dark Saints MC. When duty called I answered. I had to leave. I left with a memory of her soul burned onto mine. It would have to last a lifetime.

When I think of Bo Parker I'm a mix of lust and loathing. He rocked my world, he changed my life, he made every man after pale in comparison. And he destroyed my dreams, every single one of them when he left. He doesn't deserve to know I have a new man at the center of my universe, our beautiful son. Bo disappeared from my life without a word. Just because he's back, doesn't mean my door is open. Except, when I remember that incredible summer with Bo, keeping my heart closed and my son a secret gets harder and harder. And now I know there's a danger looming that could put my boy at risk. I may have no choice but to run right back to Bo's arms.

A summer of passion changes the lives of two people. They're destined to be together. Even though the world is trying to pull them apart.