Dark Honor




He’s one of the roughest members of the Dark Saints MC.
She’s a spoiled brat mafia princess.


The job should have been a piece cake. All I had to do was fetch the sorority chick daughter of one of my club’s most dangerous allies and bring her ass home. There’s a price on her old man’s head and the family wants her on lockdown. But, jobs for the Disalvo crime family have a tendency to go sideways. When I finally got my hands on Gina DiSalvo, her sassy mouth and killer curves set my blood humming. I want her. Bad. Except there’s a million reasons why I should keep it professional. She’s way too young for me and probably way more trouble than she’s worth. One kiss, one touch and all that goes out the window. I’m a man used to taking what I want and Gina’s no exception.


He barged into my life all swirling ink and rippling muscles. This outlaw bad boy is the kind of guy I’m supposed to stay away from. I figured what harm could one ride on the back of his Harley do? I’ve had my life mapped out for me since the day I was born. I can’t help it sometimes I want to cut loose and have a little fun. But one smoldering look, one touch from Zig Wallace and he became my world. He thinks he’s protecting me from something, but only I know it’s the other way around. The truth will either set us both free or burn everything to the ground.


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