Dark Instinct


dark instinct high res

He was born into brotherhood, bikes, blood, and violence. He lived the life of the MC to the fullest. But the price of being a Dark Saint is too high when an innocent victim has to pay it.

Being near me means death, destruction, and brutal justice. I thought my innocent sister was protected from it. I was wrong. The best person in my life had to pay the highest price for The Dark Saints MC. It was my fault, my choice, my sin. The only answer is to stay away from the light. I chose the darkness and I deserve to live there until I die. Then Tracy opened a window, cracked open my heart, and flooded my life with her light. The only way to keep her safe is to keep her away. I can't be wrong again, I can't risk her life, and I can't stay away.

She doesn't believe that the brutally handsome biker in The Castle is really a beast. Until she opens the wrong door.

Everyone in town called the giant house on the bay, The Castle. The Castle loomed large over my town, it was almost mythic. I never expected to have to live there. But it was the only salvation I could find. I should have run from the beast I'd been warned about. But every look, every word, every touch from Maddox ignites my soul. I'm determined to love him and everything in his world. Even if it means giving up everything I've ever known in mine.

He's lived only for vengeance and now love has changed everything. Is passion strong enough to vanquish the violence of The Dark Saints MC?


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