King to the rescue.

She thought she could outrun her past. He understands her pain in ways she can’t ever know. Whatever’s after her, will be no match for the dangerous fury of the Great Wolves M.C.

Thea - King is pure sex and sin wrapped in leather and ink. Just one ride on the back of his Harley and I could almost forget what brought me to this town. Almost. I thought a fresh start and a new identity would keep me safe. I was so wrong. King thinks he can save me but I’m already too far gone. The path we’re on will only lead us both back down to hell. Except, in King’s arms, even hell feels oh so good. But the clock is ticking and I won’t let anyone else I love pay the price for my mistakes.

King – One look at Thea’s long legs in her cutoff jeans was all it took. She was just supposed to be a sweet diversion while I was stuck in this backwater Texas town. But, the minute I took her in my arms, I realized Thea was so much more. She keeps dark secrets behind those stunning blue eyes and after just one searing kiss, I was all in. She’s running scared and I aim to find out why. I mean to keep her safe and make her mine.

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