Great Wolves M.C. Chicago is about to have a new bad-ass member. And he's in town to kick ass and take names.

Ridge comes to town to put the hammer down and to save a club in chaos. In the ruins he discovers saving the club could destroy a beautiful woman caught in the crossfire.

I do what I need to for the club. I've been through wars, violence, darkness, and light. The Great Wolves M.C. saved my life. I will do everything from murder to mayhem to protect it and my brothers. But then I saw her. Frankie's main of wild hair grabbed my attention, her body had me forgetting my name, the fire in her soul has me forgetting what I have sworn to do. To have Frankie I'll burn down the club, my life, everything that gets between her and me.

I'm fighting for my life, for my family, for this damn neighborhood. And everything around me is trying to beat me down. I made a bad deal because I thought it was the only way. It's a deal that could get me killed. Probably will. Loving Ridge can only make it worse. Opening my heart to him is like putting a match to a can of gasoline. The explosion is coming, there's no doubt. But I'm running into those strong arms even as the flames surround us both.

Ridge is a smoldering standalone motorcycle club romance novel featuring the heartthrob outlaw bikers of the Great Wolves M.C. and the strong women who love them.

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