This M.C. Romance Series iS THE BEST!
Hot alphas, toe curling love scenes,
strong women, & exciting action.
Great Wolves M.C. Blows the DOORS off the genre!

Harder than the rest

Great Wolves MC Romance 

Steel by Jayne Blue

Steel has a particular set of skills.
He'll have to use them all to save a beautiful woman in danger.

When there's trouble for the Great Wolves M.C. I solve it, with fists, blood, whatever it takes. I'm okay with scaring anyone who is stupid enough to cross the M.C. or me. This time the trouble is pure evil and preying on the vulnerable in my town, my territory. I know how to stop it and I will. Except, in a critical moment, I failed. An innocent stranger is taken right in front of me. Her beauty haunts me. I have a particular set of skills, and I'm going to unleash all of them to save her. Everything about Darby Bishop pulls me in. She was made for me and I'm going to be sure anyone who tries to hurt her pays for it... in blood. 

The only thing I can count on is fear. Terror strangles me. Memories trap me. The one time I tried to break free all my worst nightmares came true. And then he stormed into my life. Steel saved me and taught me that I could be more, handle more, feel more. I want him. He's nothing like the proper, buttoned-up world I was caged in, but he's the only thing that makes sense. He ripped me from the claws of something terrible and claimed me as his own. I thought my fears were all in my head, but they're real. And even Steel may not be able to keep the monsters away from me.

Steel is a smoldering standalone motorcycle club romance novel featuring the heartthrob outlaw bikers of the Great Wolves M.C. and the strong women who love them.

**This is a standalone, full-length romance novel involving the men of the Great Wolves M.C. 

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