He's a street-smart biker with a dark past. She's a trust fund heiress on the run. Their white-hot passion will blow their worlds apart. 

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Torch by Jayne Blue - Available Everywhere on June 25th!


I thought running away would save me.

Instead, I ran straight into danger.

His name is Torch and I started to burn for him the moment our eyes met.

As a member of the Great Wolves M.C. he’s brutal, rough, and raw…

He’s pure sin wrapped in denim, leather, and tats.

I shouldn’t want a guy like him.

I was born into wealth and privilege. I had my whole life mapped out for me.

The best schools. Fancy cars. Lavish life.

But oh, how I want to throw it all over and let Torch touch me that way.

He makes me forget myself.

I want to let him own me.

I want to let him drag me down and ruin me.

But if I give into my darkest nature, there’s no turning back.

I’ll lose everything that I am.


I’ve got no time for games. There’s a war coming.

Anyone close to me is bound to get hurt.

Except I want Sydney anyway.

She’s a spoiled little rich girl.

Expensive hair. Designer clothes. Living off her family’s trust fund.

When she bats those lashes at me, I know just how to ruin that pretty makeup.

Because I don’t flirt.  

I want to possess her.

I want to make her beg for me.

One night with me and she’ll never want another guy.

It’s selfish of me, but I don’t care.

And now I’m in too deep to walk away.

But, the devil’s at my doorstep and he’ll swallow us both whole.

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