McCall Brothers Bad Boy Romance


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My name is Lincoln McCall, and I get paid to watch not touch. But with my latest assignment that has become impossible.
The glamorous world of high price escorts only stays sexy if the girls stay safe. There's where I come in. I'm a bodyguard and I'm there to make sure not one hair on their gorgeous heads is hurt on the job. While the sexiest women in the world entertain the wealthy and powerful, I am paid to be a silent menace they can count on.

I'm not paid to fall in love. But my current assignment has me out of my head. Every inch of Marilyn Fields's body is supposed to be mine. I know it and so does she. Except someone else very dangerous is paying to own her body and soul.

I'm not supposed to touch. That's the rule. It's a rule that I'm going to break. To save Marilyn, I'll have to give up everything, maybe even my life.

This romantic suspense adventure introduces you to the ultimate possessive alpha male tortured by forcing to guard the one woman he wants for himself. Lincoln McCall is a bad boy who's paid well to protect high-priced escorts. This bad boy is about to go rogue for the woman who can't live without. This is a standalone full-length romance with sultry scenes suitable for readers over 18 only. (Previously published as The Marilyn Job)




The McCall Brothers  may be Bad Bad Boys but they're real good men. And REALLY good at uh.. well. Just read to find out.