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One man, one night, one dark fantasy that could change her life forever. Get caught up in the Owned Series, a call girl fantasy  unlike anything you've ever read before.

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Meet Nina Sharpe, pleasure is about to become her business. Fans of the Calendar Girl Series and The Girlfriend Experience will love following Nina's adventures. Each book, each client will change her in ways she never expected. And oh yes…she goes there. But it's her shocking love affair that will stay with you forever.

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#1 OWNED BY THE PLAYBOY – When a powerful business associate makes Nina Sharpe a stunning proposal, she must decide how much of herself she's willing to sell. Shockingly, the idea ignites a dark desire in her she never knew she had.

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  #2 OWNED BY THE CANDIDATE – Nina's next client, Senator Matthew Vance is one sex scandal away from screwing himself out of the oval office. Keeping him sated and out of the headlines is the least Nina can do for her country.

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#3 OWNED BY THE SPY – This time, Nina's client is sexy surgeon Rafe Malik, a dashing international playboy who may harbor a dark secret. The FBI thinsk he's funding terrorists and wants Nina to get close enough to find out. If that weren't enough to get her juices flowing, Nina's hunky FBI handler, Agent Kurt Reynolds has a secret of his own that could bring down her million dollar escort business.

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#4 OWNED BY THE PRINCE – Ginger-haired playboy Prince Victor has everything girls dream about. He’s got underwear-model good looks, charisma, and a bank account bigger than Texas. What the Prince dreams about is Nina. For one week, her job is to make Prince Victor’s dreams come true. Sometimes this job is sooo easy.

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#5 OWNED BY THE G-MAN– Nina finally has everything she's always wanted – money, power, and the sexiest clients a call girl could ask for. But now two things threaten to end it all. An old enemy is back and he has the means and motivation to destroy everything Nina's built. To make matters worse, he wants her dead.  And then there’s that drop dead sexy FBI agent who’s back in her life with that smirk she can’t resist. But old enemies and old lovers die hard and Nina's never been the happily ever after type. Nina won't go down without a fight…unless…well…

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