Torrid Trilogy

A scorching affair. A web of secrets. A different kind of love triangle. 

Get caught up on the brand new, sizzling erotic romance series by Jayne Blue! When Jack met Tora, she seemed like the perfect revenge. When Tora met Jack, he seemed like the perfect diversion. But, when their deep family secrets,  dark intimate fantasies, and shocking paths collide, the result could only be Torrid.


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Jack – Once upon a time I had everything. The perfect family. The perfect life. In one horrible year, it went away. I can never have it back but I can hurt the man responsible for taking what was left. I know how to steal something even more important from him. He doesn’t see how she looks at me instead of him. I can make her burn for me, make her addicted to me before I send her back.

And it will be so easy.

Tora – I’ll cross any line to get to the truth, no matter who I have to hurt. I don’t have a choice. I’m not afraid to use sex to get what I want. I know you think that makes me a whore. But until you understand what’s at stake, you can’t know.

Don’t judge me until you do.


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Tora – I play a dangerous game. I know this. I have to play the part of Seth’s dutiful wife in order to bring him down. At the same time, I can’t stay out of his brother’s bed. Being with Jack is the only thing in my life that feels real…the only thing that feels at all. But if Seth ever finds out, he’ll destroy me and the one chance I have of setting myself free from him forever.

Jack – Tora is one thing to the rest of the world. To me, she’s everything. Only I know all of Tora’s deepest secrets, her darkest desires. I should walk away before she starts to see into mine. Because when she does, I might lose her forever.



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Jack – I tried so hard to protect Tora I didn’t realize I was the one about to be destroyed. I never saw it coming. But even now, I still can’t breathe unless she’s near me. I still want her. Except now it’s too late.

Tora – If I’d known what was going to happen, would I have changed anything? I sacrificed my future for the past and I’ll have to live with that. My passion for Jack burned so bright it consumed me, blinded me so I couldn’t see what was coming. Now, getting to the truth might just have cost us both everything

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