End of a Journey?

Ithe-marilyn-job-4-webt's bittersweet and exciting at the same time. I'm nearly the final installment for Call Girl, Inc. Nina Sharpe has been with me for five books and I've just about finished her story, almost. I'm so emotional over it. I love Nina, know her, root for her, and well I'm going to miss being with her every day. I think you're going to love where she winds up. But of course never see The End. Nina will always be with me because Nina helped me live my dreams of writing books while she lived hers of becoming well. You'll see…

It was through Nina I met Lincoln McCall. Lincoln showed up to work one day and it's been so fun watching Lincoln fall in love with Marilyn. In The Marilyn Job Episode 4 we also see some incredible developments in their relationship and after waiting to be together for three books, lets just say book four melts in your hand. (Or you mouth, whatever turns ya on!)

I titled this post with a question mark because Lincoln McCall has been opening doors to stories I'm excited to tell. SO while The Marilyn Job Episode 1 through 4 is a complete, exciting, adventurous, and scorching story, like Nina introduced me to Lincoln, Lincoln has introduced me to well… no spoilers you'll see.

Please enjoy The Marilyn Job Episode 4. I promise it will keep you warm as the temperature dips! And keep following me on Facebook or Twitter or join The Jayne Gang Newsletter to be the first to get G-Man, the final installment in Call Girl, Inc.

As always THANK YOU for reading. I'm thrilled to be able to bring you these sexy romantic suspense stories and can't wait for you to see what's coming in 2015!


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