Sawyer-Latest MC Biker Romance Novel is Live

Sawyer has been in the background, he's been the savior, he's been the man everyone turns to. Sawyer first showed up in the background of my Great Wolves M.C. series. Then he appeared in both Hold Trilogy and Ride Trilogy, managing the Great Wolves Gym. He's come to the rescue for Cassidy and Raleigh and every time he appeared in my stories I wanted to know more about him. He kept quietly tapping me on the shoulder. And now it's finally his turn to get the spotlight.

While writing my latest MC biker romance novel I learned how loyal, tough, and ultimately protective he is of his club, the gym, and the people he loves. That came into focus as he locked eyes with Bess Geary.

Bess too, has been a loyal friend in the Hold Trilogy stories. I think I was just as surprised as she was that Bess would be head over heels for a biker!

But who wouldn't fall for Sawyer? He's THE MAN! And now he's got his own story. Sawyer is my newest Great Wolves M.C. biker romance. It's raw, sexy, and I hope Sawyer and Bess touch your hearts like they did mine!

Don't worry, you don't have to read any other M.C. or my MMA books to read Sawyer. His story stands alone. But of course if you love him and want to spend more time with him click over to the Hold Trilogy and the Ride Trilogy.

Finally, there's a very serious side to Sawyer's romance and at the end of the book I have shared a link. If you're moved to learn more I encourage you to click on it.

Thank you so much for asking for Sawyer! I loved writing about the club and the man at the top.





She's too good for my life. I have to do dirty deeds. But I have to have her. Now. Forever.
Sawyer – To most I'm a bad man. But even the cops know Great Wolves keep things in balance. Now my club's  new enemy is preying on the most vulnerable. We have some cleaning to do and it's going to get ugly. Which is why this is the worst time to let a woman in. I've always believed I'd die for the club and now I know I'd die for her. Hell, I'm pretty sure I'd die for one night with Bess.

Sawyer McCall is a bad guy. I know it. But he's the weapon I need to fight what's happening. I need to control him. Which will be a trick since I can't control myself.
Bess – He's the president of a Motorcycle Club for God's sake and I'm supposed to be a responsible single mother. His leather, scruff, and hard muscles are exactly what I need to stop what's happening all around me. But that same hardness is getting to me. It's a reckless feeling and I can't afford to be reckless. Protecting my own child and the kids of this town has been my life. But all of sudden I can't protect anyone or anything unless he's with me. Least of all my heart.

**This is a standalone, full length romance novel involving the men of the Great Wolves M.C. It features Sawyer McCall who also appears in Hold Trilogy and Ride Trilogy.

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