War has finally come to the California Chapter of the Great Wolves M.C. 

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Switch by Jayne Blue

Switch - When my old man turned rat, the club should have turned their back on me. They didn’t. They took me in and gave me a life. Now, in the middle of a club war, I was willing to give it back to protect my brothers. An easy choice, until I met Kitt. I’ve never wanted anything as much as I want her. Her lips. Those curves. But more than that, she’s got her broken parts and secrets, just like me. She tries to hide them but that only makes me want her more. Only my gut is telling me her secrets could get one of us killed.

Switch falls for the one woman that could blow everything apart.

Kitt - I grew up with no past. No family. No home. Every ounce of pain I‘ve suffered, I can lay at the feet of one man. The president of the Great Wolves M.C. I came to town looking for retribution. Instead, I found Switch. He blazed into my life, all swagger and ink and branded himself on me. First, I gave him my body. Then, he took my heart. I wasn’t looking for it. I never expected it. But, when he finds out what I’m really after, he’ll never forgive me. When that day comes, I’ll be lost for good.

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