Eight steps to looking and feeling fabulous on vacation

roperfabI'm participating in a fun blog tour all about travel! My entry is a little different. It's all about how to look good and feel great while on holiday. Please visit the other stops on the tour listed below. Great adventures await!

There was a time in life that I dieted my ass off before vacation. That time is over. I realize that crash dieting before a vacation is not a good business plan. I have found a way to love the way I look and feel on vacation no matter what size I happen to be at that moment. If you have a vacation and want to look and feel your best do as I say! Take my advice and you'll look fantastic and feel even better!

  1. Get a tan! It’s a scientifically proven fact that tan fat looks better than white fat. Just spray it on, wipe it on, or paint it on. No need to risk skin cancer people just get a little color. You'll be happy you did.
  2. Buy cute new outfits. Who cares what size? There’s something confidence-boosting for me when my clothes are all new and shiny. Plus, everyone knows that Old Navy sizes are random crap shoots of various numbers.
  3. Get better self-esteem! Stand up straight. Show that thang! Shake that other thang! Nothing says sexy better than sassy. So stop hiding.
  4. Hire Professionals. Get professionals to paint your toes and wax your runway. (ahem) Seriously you will feel like a Real Housewife of Whoopdeedo if you get a pedi and a waxing. Just do it.
  5. Camera Pact. If you're with good friends y'all should know not to dive bomb each other with a camera. That' s mean spirited. Let your girls know a photo is coming. Snap the shot BEFORE you head to the tiki bar. Crop out the shit you don't like and do the same for your friends. If you're posting unflattering pictures of your girlfriends where only YOU look good you're being a bitch.  Don't be a bitch.
  6. Get Some Big Ass Jewelry. Now's the time to be faboo. I rock my inner Mrs. Roper and let my flouncy flag fly!
  7. Put down the phone. This is your LIFE. Live it baby. Stop taking pictures of your food or your legs on the beach and get wet!
  8. Post when you get home. Don't spend time while on vacation posting to your social networks. Just have the adventure and tell us about it when you get back. Also that way burglars are less likely to steal your big screen when you're gone.
  9. BONUS BLUE STEP: Download The Offer (The Chronicles of Nina Sharpe, Call Girl Book 1)and The Consultant (WLUV Book 1)to your Kindle. It will spice up your trip. Trust me.

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5 thoughts on “Eight steps to looking and feeling fabulous on vacation

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  2. Elizabeth

    OMG! Number 8 is a big pet peeve of mine. I’ve seen people so busy posting their pics or status, they aren’t paying attention to the great views or even to their kids who may or may not be currently harassing the local wildlife. Great post that had me cracking up.

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