Release Date, Cover & Blurb-age, Oh My!

I am thrilled beyond thrilled to announce I have a release date for Book #3 in my hottest selling witty smut series, The Chronicles of Nina Sharpe, Call Girl. The Candidate will hit Amazon on June 23rd. Happy Hump Day!!!


I am super excited about this one. It was a blast to write and it's the perfect diversion for your holiday weekend.  This one's the hottest title yet!!! Warning, you might wanna hold your e-readers with oven mits.



Fans of Scandal will love this scorching affair that could bring down a Presidential candidate.

Call Girl Nina Sharpe, may have finally met the one man powerful enough to handle her…

“My latest client, gorgeous Senator Matthew Vance is one sex scandal away from screwing himself out of his bid for the Oval Office. Keeping him sated and out of the headlines is the least I can do for my country.


In bed, Matt can make fireworks fly like the Fourth of July. Neither of us can get enough but it’s the last thing either of us needs. I’m poised to take over my boss’s multi-million dollar escort business and he’s about to become President. Trouble is, we may have both found something we want even more.


This is Nina Sharpe and I approve this message.”